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No-thing, no ingredient... you are. - Awareful

No-thing, no ingredient… you are.

Developing our presence

As we begin to move our practise on from that of healing or softening of our sufferings and more into the shallowness that mindfulness can bring to our lives…

(By shallowness I mean, how close can a moment be… depth and mindfulness are two things that can not be. To look deeply into anything is to explore something that is no longer there. So with mindfulness we are rising out of the depths and into the shallows of our existence).

The translated words of 10th & 11th Century Master, Tilopa, ring so true even today:

Let go of what has passed.

Let go of what may come.

Let go of what is happening now.

Don’t try to figure anything out.

Don’t try to make anything happen.

Relax, right now, and rest.

Or the simple translation from Alan Watts,

No thought,

no reflection,

no analysis,

no cultivation,

no intention;

Let it settle itself.

We aren’t trying to meditate or be mindful, we are not trying really to do anything but watch how our existence happens. We shift from good mood to bad mood, from happy to sad, from calm to anxious and yet we tend to perpetuate the negativity like that is wrong or wanting rid of… when it is just a reaction to our perception of the environment that we live within. Our weather patterns can change instantly, although just like storms come and go, the luminous sun always remains.

You are that sun, vibrant, luminous, warm and always full. There is no-thing that needs to be added to you. No certificate of authenticity needed. We can rest, be still, watch the watcher. Be interested in the movement of life. No action taken other than resting, everything then plays out or happens without effort.

Not from a disconnected or third party perspective, there is a sense of that ulitmate connection, that you are much bigger than the breath, the thoughts, the sounds and feelings. And to touch into that connection all you do is…….. nothing. So simple… 

This do nothing does not mean give up, dont work, dont live, dont experience… Do nothing means living in its most purest form. Work, but dont work just for Friday or a holiday, travel, experience, connect… live, don’t exist.

So, “relax right now and rest”…

Here is a little practise on Inisht timer or SoundCloud to help support or reflect on… Enjoy : )




Have an amazing day



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