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Dan Ireland

 Our Story “I have dedicated this later part of my life to better understanding the reasons why I suffered from anxiety and depression for so long, without my body and mind naturally healing itself like it does for every other injury or illness that I sustained.

Realisation that these illnesses were merely a pointer, that they were a guide of my own personal discovery. I had hidden behind the bullshit that had been shovelled to me by the society we live in as well as some regrettable life choices. This constant need to be better, not being happy with who I am was the root cause of my anxiety & depression.

I used to believe . . . That I was alone in this battle, that no one else was like me, that all I was doing was hurting people, that what the media and advertising was telling me was truth… That I am not enough, that I need more things to make me happy… 

Realisation of this I am that we all hide behind was this bullshit talking directly into my thoughts… This ‘I am’ was keeping me separate, locked in the belief that if I worked hard and smiled to hide the pain, that it all eventually goes away.

What unearthed was that self love, compassion, stillness, connection and acceptance are the most important things to us all. 

We have just got a little confused, a little lost, a little side tracked. Its time to wake up… ”

Dan Ireland
BSoM, Breathworks UK & Australian Association of Meditation Accredited Teacher, Human Givens Psychotherapist & Tibetan Buddhist

Dan Ireland

 Our Story I always wondered why random thoughts arose at random times, even on days where everything was amazing, it could without any warning literally take my breath away and put me in a deep hole of confusion, anxiety and sadness.

Dan Ireland
Dan Ireland  
This is where this amazing practice, meditation and mindfulness literally changed my life.

The practise taught me to step back from situations, understanding where my emotions were bubbling from, and releasing thoughts that seemingly arose from nowhere. I battled with anxiety & depression for a long a period of my life, with realisation being, why am I trying to suppress the negative thoughts by judging and criticising myself, calling myself and idiot or worthless. I was only fueling this flame of negativity with more negativity… 

I have completed many courses over the years from some incredible meditation/mindfulness teachers and globally regarded mindfulness masters, from a range of secular and non-secular experiences. Through there wonderful teachings, the 100’s & 100’s of hours of investment into the practice, and the level of change I have seen in me, I wanted to start passing this amazing life tool onto others through a range of courses aimed at raising your confidence, compassion, calmness, resilience and of course cultivating mindfulness.

Meditation and mindfulness does not have to be just a tool for enlightenment or your “awakening”. Through my own experiences as well as those that are shared by attendees on my courses, it has some incredible side effects. It helps with anxiety, depression, sleep problems, studying for exams, pain and emotion along with many others.

You do awake from something only to realise there is a symphony of experiences you are missing out on right here, right now. Whether that makes you spiritually enlightened or not, the real benefit is that you become alive, living for the moment, content to just be.

As an accredited chartered manager and teacher/coach for business management I apprec

iate the need to hold a recognised accreditation. Before I started teaching I wanted to ensure I had the necessary skills and qualifications to be a meditation and mindfulness teacher aside from my eight years of continued practice and study, so I went and studied with the British School of Meditation. 


I received their highest accolade, a Distinction in their Diploma on Meditation & Mindfulness Teaching (attached right). I have completed the Sutrayana Exam with Reggie Ray, and I am furthering my study with him as well as Mingyur Rinpoche; Reggie is a Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu Lineage holder and Rinpoche is of both Kagyu & Nyimgma Lineage’s. I have undertaken refuge, become an ordained Buddhist several years ago and received Ngondro Transmission along with many other pointing out instructions and transmissions. 
I have recently completed the Breathworks Mindfulness teacher training program and can now offer their Mindfulness for stress and health courses as well as the Human Givens Therapy Diploma to offer Human Givens as an approach to mental health. 

I started applying simple mindfulness techniques and it has changed my life. Find out how it can help change yours.

My current studies include:
Ngondro – Tergar – Mingyur Rinpoche, Khenpo Kunga Rinpoche & Tim Olsted
Vajrayana – Mingyur Rinpoche & Tim Olsted
(My inspirational guru the 7th Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche)

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Spiritual Development









Donna Ireland

I was born with the ability to be a channel for energies that wish to pass on knowledge/assistance and healing to loved ones here on earth, I am both clairaudience and clairvoyant and have also communicated with spirits that have passed over to the other side.

I use this gift as a way to help people to remove blockages that are preventing them being the amazing person that they are, which can lead to unhappiness and an attachment to the material world with no sense of fulfilment or self love.

Over the years  I have discovered new ways to channel the information through, this has included Tarot readings, Psychic drawings and energy healing. 

Self love was something alien to me growing up, I was from a loving family from the first few years off my life, however when my dad left and moved away, I was left feeling I wasn’t enough and spent most of my teenage and adult life trying to fill the void of love that I felt had left with my dad. 

My gran was a medium/psychic and prophet and I discovered very early on that I  had the same ability (that we called the gift). I could see and feel things that other children couldn’t.  My dreams often turned into real life events and I had visits from people that weren’t from this world happened on several occasions (which at the time terrified me). I had this great knowing and spoke very wise words that often didn’t feel like my own, which I now understand weren’t.

I self harmed, had an eating disorder and felt unworthy as a friend or girlfriend. I never felt good enough and this feeling continued with me until I was in my middle thirties.

It was during a period of darkness that I met a spiritual teacher (although he would hate me referring to him as this), he guided me through card readings, that were not about the future, but about me and the many layers I had gathered throughout my life, the blockages and baracades I had put up around me, to prevent further hurt, but these were also preventing me living. I started to have faith, trust and embrace the connection I once had as a child.

I spent months absorbing books that leapt out at me and opened my heart to the woman I had become and I started to love her, truly love her. I felt at one with the universe, I felt happier than I ever had in myself, despite my physical reality being a complete shambles.

From this point everything starting to change, I changed. I started to notice things and discovered more and more of what life has to offer us. 

I have a deep longing to help others find their own truth as I know it is not easy to trust, to let go of fear and to love yourself for who you truly are. 

So this is the start of my journey and I hope you all feel the presence of love alongside me on your own journey. 

 Our Story The greatest gift we can give to ourselves, to others and to humanity as a whole is LOVE.

Love free from religion, conditioning or anything that tries to impose any kind of power over us. Free love is love that starts within ourselves, love that opens our hearts to the energy all around us and our eyes to beauty that is everywhere and within everyone we meet.

Donna Ireland

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