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8 Week Breathwork Mindfulness for Stress Courses

Daniel is a very authentic as a teacher. I enjoyed his teaching style. My confidence in practise has grown. I will take away lots of tips to share with others.


I didnt believe I could feel this happy in 8 weeks, I would and have recommeded Dan as a teacher and Breathworks as a course to everyone


Dan is excellent. Very welcoming, kind, calm, understanding and patient. Breathworks is a very useful start. I’m aware/more mindful but its the start of a journey.


Dan is a very good teacher. Kind, compassionate, and nothing seemed to be to much trouble. Very informative, he makes learning and understanding easier. The course has helped me move forward and has helped calm my head, less stress and more compassion.


Dan walked alongside us for the journey. It was a gradual journey of awareness that is now having a much bigger impact. Thank you


Dans humour, experiential wisdom and a real sense of sincerely wanting to help. My awareness of difficult situations and how to respond to them has improved a lot.


Dan is a very good compassionate teacher. I have become calmer and more mindful but need to practise more.


Dan is very knowledgable and made me feel that there is always room for improvement and that is ok. My compassion towards self and others has really improved. My confidence has grown as well.


Dan has been a fantastic teacher. He made me feel at ease and built such a safe environment to share personal thoughts and emotions.

The course was very beneficial, useful at work when stressed. Hhelped me to stop and think about how I respond in difficult situations. It helped re-wiring my brain and stop over thinking.


I believe that due to his ‘real’ persona it helps people connect. He has ‘struggled with life’ and found a way to bring compassion and mindfulness into it, it made me believe that we all could. You dont have to be a meditation practitioner extrodinaire. WE CAN ALL ACHIEVE THIS NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE CHANGES ARE.


I have learnt a lot about the mind and body allowing me to understand my thoughts and emoitons better. I have noticed that i am more calm and accepting of situations. I try much harder not to get sucked into events that are out of my control and this allows me to be less affected.

Dan is funny, understanding, helpful, very knowledgable and great at explaining things.


The main thing that I got from this course was my own awareness and so many strategies I can start to use to get to a much happier place than where I was 8 weeks ago. This awareness has helped me lead to acceptance.

My confidence has definitely grown.

Dan is brilliant, I can’t fault him. He is so passionate about his field and the perfect voice to meditate to.


I am not so much beeter at acceptance and being less self critical. I am being more kind to myself and working a little closer on the things that I can not change. I find myself reacting to stressful situations with a much more calm approach allowing me to be a lot more rational.

Dan is such a great teacher! I love him!


The course has released the mind fog, built confidence and self esteem and how to be truly kind to myself. I have found meditating has made such a difference to my everyday life and I am making sure I meditate daily. It has brought all my tools together.

Dan was non-judgemental, non-egotistical. I felt nothing I said was silly which made for such a relaxed classs.


I feel more self aware, I have learnt how to forgive most importantly myself and take time out just to relax and chill. Dan makes me feel relaxed and his teaching style has helped me to learn so much over the 8 weeks.