Daniel is a very authentic as a teacher. I enjoyed his teaching style. My confidence in practise has grown. I will take away lots of tips to share with others.


I didnt believe I could feel this happy in 8 weeks, I would and have recommeded Dan as a teacher and Breathworks as a course to everyone


Dan is excellent. Very welcoming, kind, calm, understanding and patient. Breathworks is a very useful start. I’m aware/more mindful but its the start of a journey.


Dan is a very good teacher. Kind, compassionate, and nothing seemed to be to much trouble. Very informative, he makes learning and understanding easier. The course has helped me move forward and has helped calm my head, less stress and more compassion.


Dan walked alongside us for the journey. It was a gradual journey of awareness that is now having a much bigger impact. Thank you


Dans humour, experiential wisdom and a real sense of sincerely wanting to help. My awareness of difficult situations and how to respond to them has improved a lot.


Dan is a very good compassionate teacher. I have become calmer and more mindful but need to practise more.


Dan is very knowledgable and made me feel that there is always room for improvement and that is ok. My compassion towards self and others has really improved. My confidence has grown as well.


Dan has been a fantastic teacher. He made me feel at ease and built such a safe environment to share personal thoughts and emotions.

The course was very beneficial, useful at work when stressed. Hhelped me to stop and think about how I respond in difficult situations. It helped re-wiring my brain and stop over thinking.


I believe that due to his ‘real’ persona it helps people connect. He has ‘struggled with life’ and found a way to bring compassion and mindfulness into it, it made me believe that we all could. You dont have to be a meditation practitioner extrodinaire. WE CAN ALL ACHIEVE THIS NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE CHANGES ARE.


I really enjoyed the course. Dan showed us lots of different strategies which have been really helpful, I am now regularly practicing my meditation which I am so happy about.

Dan always has time to answer questions or to talk things through with you, he is really kind and compassionate and is so passionate about what he teaches. He’s a fantastic teacher! I can’t thank him enough!


The course has made available skills to use to improve my life. My confidence grew with each session.

Daniel has a gift to put people at ease and see the positives in Mindfulness.


I found the course really interesting, Dan is calm & hilarious at the same time. The combination really works.
This is a first for me so I am very much at the beginning of this but definitely have skills now to work with.

The atmosphere was just so friendly, and Dan is very approachable, calm and hilarious! His voice is fab when you are trying to focus and relax


Loved the course. I wish I could attend daily sessions. I’ve spoken to my employers to have Dan come and teach us at work.

He is funny, able to make you fell relaxed. Very clear in his explanations and I enjoyed the variety of the sessions


I have noticed that I don’t tend to panic about situations as much. If I do feel nervous I think back to the classes or Daniel’s recordings and try to focus on breathing etc. The processes have made me feel calmer and ‘see’ things clearer.

Daniel was very patient and courteous. He has an ability to inject some humour into the class which created a more relaxed atmosphere, as you don’t often sit/lie down and close your eyes with blankets on your knees amongst a group of strangers in a lunch break. He was informative and explained the processes in a colloquial yet respectful manner. Would recommend.


It’s made me realise more so how important meditation is for me. I do find myself stopping and thinking bout my breathing lots during the day

Strengths very calm made me feel at ease .. great time keeping and open to questions .. Daniel was very knowledgable


Great course with a very supportive teacher.
My confidence has grown, definitely going to sign up for the next course.

I found Dan to be open and friendly. Interested in how his students were doing. Enthusiastic which encourages those of us struggling to practice. Dan discloses his own struggles to mediate at the beginning.again it reassures those of finding it challenging. Happy to share his knowledge. Lovely class, great teacher. If you unsure if its right for you, Dan happy to talk it through.


Dan is a fantastic teacher, he’s very warm and puts people at ease, I have done a few mindfulness courses through the years and his teaching is head and shoulders above them. He explains everything in simple terms, and he is always happy to answer questions. Plus enthusiasm is very infectious.

The course went really well for me. My confidence has grown in both areas and I feel really motivated to keep going, as I really believe now that this can help me.


This course has been amazing, it has given me tools to deal with life’s stresses and situations on a daily basis, as well helping me deal with the emotions of loss and acceptance of letting go.. it has helped me recognise being in the moment and appreciating it fully

Dan always makes everyone feel very welcome and is a very friendly, compassionate and inspiring person/teacher


The foundation course has helped me a lot with anxiety related issues – I think having Dan as my teacher has also helped tremendously which is why I have already signed up to another course as want to carry on with the practice.

I think Dan is an amazing teacher with so much empathy and kindness – he provides great guidance and patience and everyone I know who has been to his classes say the same and go on to recommend his classes to others.


The course has taught me many things , but mainly that I CAN be mindful and meditate . The course has also provoked thought.I feel more confident about moving forward in my life.

I have nothing negative to say about Daniel, I went with no expectations and it was all positive .


Much more present in my life and getting more out of simple things ! Also listening and caring more about others . Taking more interest in strangers 🙂

A real genuine guy who is able to help you capture the essence of what mindfulness is in a way that wants you to change! I feel enlightened by the experience really !


The course went well, and after each session, I felt happy and content, and usually slept very well the following night. I am 100% more mindful now than before the course. Meditation is in progress, but it is happening slowly but surely.

Daniel is down to earth, very knowledgeable, approachable and very funny.


It has made me aware of who I am and opened my eyes to my surroundings wherever I may be, which I had lost due to normal madness of life and family. It’s great to have my time, stlllness back in my life.


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I find I am calmer and more mindful. I very much like the choice of meditations as one might suit better one day than another. I am definitely continuing with meditation every day.


Both Jo and myself were intrigued by what we could take from this course. we had open minds but by the end are very much sold on how meditation can help us in our day to day life. We both live busy lives and think by introducing some of the techniques learnt it will enrich our lifestyle. we shall be attending Dan next course.


The course was very informative and inviting and introduced me to a variety of meditation techniques to try and see what works for me and develop

Daniel was a great teacher very calm, approachable, informative and made me feel relaxed and at ease from day 1


The course has helped me let go of negative things that I encounter and feel calmer when faced with potentially stressful situations. I will continue to practice mindfulness.

Dan had a very calming presence and he wasn’t judgemental at all so I was able to properly relax and enjoy the meditations.


It has helped, me I am calmer and am now beginning to understand that “Me” time each day is a necessity. Meditation gives me that “Me” time. Do Thank you

He was very complementary about our commitment, and very keen to support us all, asking us to email him if we had any problems/issues. His encouragement is very rare in today’s world, so I would definitely recommend him to others. So I am happy to share these comments with others if required.


The course was amazing! I have seen so many positive changes over the last couple of weeks. I am practicing both the formal and informal forms of meditation and midefulness and I much happier, confident and calmer.

Dan was amazing. He is a very down to earth guy and his non judgement approach instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed in the class. I couldn’t recommend Dan enough and I am truely grately for him opening my eyes to this practise.


I am finding that I am able to clear my mind easier than before and love to meditate.
I have found the informal practises really useful and find that I am naturally using these practises in times of anxiety, stress or annoyance and they have helped a lot

Dan is a really brilliant teacher who brings humour and warmth to his classes. He accepts everyone just as they are, listens to all and offers support to the class constantly.
I miss the courses when they finish – I will be back for another one!


Definitely, even my son ask to attend one of the courses, is only 10 years of old.

uplifting, very welcoming, joyful.
His energy is magnificent, working on the high pitch, real gifted healer. I hope is more people like him. xx


I have become slower…. that’s good! I work and think at a very fast pace and its unproductive and affects my sleep (or lack of) and my ability to concentrate on one thing at a time. Also my relationships with my kids have become less snappy and more meaningful conversations are taking place!

I am a teacher! so I am quite critical.

He has excellent pace, good use of pause. Cover a great deal of information in an appropriate detail.
He has a way of making everyone feel welcome, important and included. Its very personal, despite being in a group.
He sets the bounderies and the learning environment in a nice way to ensure everyone is protected and at ease to speak and be involved. His stories are great! the examples are really good that puts the things he is saying in context!


I truly enjoyed the course, I have adopted a mindfulness practice and enjoyed both the formal and informal practises which made me think a lot about many given situations

Daniel was a very accessible teacher, he was very calming, made the class very informative and also a bit of fun


Got so much from the course. My mindfulness has grown immensely.

Daniel made me feel relaxed straight away.


Crazy how 6 weeks can change your mindset! Certainly will be returning!

Dans a comfortable calming individual


My meditational and mindfulness has grown, was a great insight into the practise and something i will continue to use.

Dans very easy going and welcoming. He provided everyone the chance to share their experiences and insights. He genuinely seemed to care about his students and wa salways there to speak to.

He’s just a good guy spreading the love


This was the third time I had attended an event of Dan’s, with this session being the course. I have also attended an outdoor meditation and the talk on spirituality.

Dan is a really gifted meditation teacher, and he has a natural ability to guide you through the meditation and explain the concept of mindfulness and meditation with a very experienced and transparent outlook. I have a much clearer understanding of both mindulness and meditation and feel I have learnt the tools to help me practice more regularly. I am particular grateful for having all the guided meditations recorded and available for when I need them.

My aim is to practice regularly but I still find this quite challenging with the business of my days.
In the new year I will be in touch to book another course or event with Dan.
Thank you, your words and wisdom are invaluable.


I had already been practicing mindfulness before the course, however attending the course made me realise that there are a lot of other people in the same situation who suffer from stress and anxiety and are looking for help in how to cope with these. This alone gave me a lot of encouragement to build up my confidence and self-esteem.

Daniel has an extremely lovely mannner about him and is very funny and relaxed. He exudes this serenity that makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease.


Daniel has helped me immensely in a very short period of time. I meditate daily now and my quality of life has improved dramatically thanks to his wonderful advice and guidance. He has definitely inspired me and I have fallen in love with mindfulness and meditation.

Daniel is calm, gentle, open, approachable and most importantly has a wonderful sense of humour and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He made me feel so welcome and comfortable and I will definitely be attending as many of his courses as possible.


I enjoyed the variety of Meditations that Dan recommened and practiced and it complemented what I have learnt before in a very approachable way.

I especially liked the last session where Dan’s sense of humour came through even more and overall I liked the way the course was structured – it was interesting that Dan left the ideal way of sitting/ posture until the end and I thought this was effective as it may have been a bit ‘scary’ at the beginning!


The course did me a lot of good. It allowed me to have one evening a week where I knew I would feel relaxed. It was great that he sent the soundcloud’s too so we were able to practice at home hearing his voice. I have become even more mindful than I was in the past.

His strengths were that he brought a somewhat comedic part with his lessons which made everyone feel instantly comfortable.


Fantastic course for me, as I am going through a difficult period in my life. The course has most definitely made me cope with everything much better.

Dan was the perfect teacher, made me feel very comfortable & relaxed which made it much easier for me to meditate.


I was grateful for the opportunity to attend a group session course as I have not done this before & I felt more connected. The course had perfect timing timing for me and I found the content very useful indeed. I have already integrated some of it into my daily practice.

Dan exudes natural warmth which I felt in my very first interactions with him. He was a great help & source of inspiration when I was struggling with my practice during a particular life event & his encouragement & compassion was greatly appreciated. He is inspirational!


It was really good to revisit mindfulness. I will be taking the learning and implementing into daily practice.

Daniel demonstrates both a kind and compassionate teacher. He is very relaxed and never pushes any of the participants to speak. Whether you contribute or not to the class its always ok with Daniel, he is always happy that you attended.


I’d say my confidence has grown in both areas. Informally it’s taught me that I can really practice mindfulness anytime anywhere, that’s really helped me stop spiralling in anxious moments. Although I haven’t managed to meditate as often as I would like, making time to meditate has become a priority for me and I’ve really learnt what works for me and what types of meditation I enjoy.

I thought Daniel was a great teacher. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease during the classes, and I felt he was very approachable before and after too. I really appreciated the emails throughout the week, it was clear he had really put in the time and effort to communicate his messages and his passion for the subject is evident.


I was brand new to meditation before taking this course and I have to say I have really enjoyed it. From a beginner’s perspective my understanding of meditation and mindfulness has grown and it has encouraged me to continue practising beyond the course.

Dan is very personable, funny, makes you feel at ease. I felt very supported during the course.


I have a generalised anxiety order which I receive help in understanding and living with from a very forward thinking Psychologist. She has always wanted me to try Mindfulness and with Dan’s help the meditations are assisting to quieten down the negative voice that helped me feel crap about myself and it has given me a confidence on how I now have other ways to deal with my anxiety.

For example I get severe claustrophobia to the extent that I could not close the toilet door at work but now I can close and lock the door as I know that if I have my phone with me I can listen to Dan’s meditations and that makes me relax. It has also made me realise that what I was actually afraid of was being trapped in a confined space with my thoughts but with meditation my head seems clearer and open to opportunity – thank you

Dan’s strengths are the fact that he is real. Everything he is teaching us comes from the heart and he has experienced personally. It really helped me to learn that some days he has anxious days. His honesty has given me courage.


The Foundations course was an incredible experience from the first week until the last. I was really amazed by how open and friendly the group were and how Dan helped everyone interact with one another. To me compassion is not only loving everyone (including myself) but being aware of everyones emotions and suffering, that we all suffer together and that we need to be reminded it is okay.

Dan is very good at engaging the class, always asking open questions but not forcing them upon people who may not want to speak. His laid back peaceful persona allows me to relax as soon as I sit down for sessions.


He is truly amazing at what he does and I recommend he continues just as he is doing .


The course was great. It has really helped me to manage anxiety. Doing the meditations regularly (which are sent and available on Dropbox) has really led to a noticeable difference.

Dan is very soothing and calming and I love the way he uses his personal experiences to help us during the sessions. The last meditation we did this evening was extremely powerful and moving, thank you Dan!


It was interesting for me to repeat the foundation in mindfulness before doing this course as I feel I had different experiences from the first course – I am finding it easier to sit with practising a bit more now and am left feeling I have created space after practising. This gives me a greater sense of calmness.

Daniel is extremely non- judgemental and accepting of everyone who walks through his class doors – this is apparent not just through words.


I feel more confident and comfortable about sharing my thoughts and ideas with group members.
I’ve also found I’m aware of when I’m not being compassionate and when I can improve this.

Dan is supportive and caring to the participants on his course. He genuinely seems to care how they are and wants them to get the best out of the course and themselves.


I have loved Dan’s honest and open approach to meditation. His genuine empathy and his efforts to send weekly email and especially the daily email meditation task reminder. It has helped jog me into more mindful thinking.

Strength empathy, decisive, honesty , genuine , good at running a class and makes you feel comfortable enough to speak.
Timekeeping was not an issue for me in any way whatsoever but Dan did run over most weeks (prefer this to finishing early )


Dan is able to relate to a diverse group of people and has many ways to explain and discuss meditation and mindfullness.

Makes everyone feel comfortable. He laughs and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Weaknesses – time keeping, but wouldn’t want it any other way!


I have experienced a noticeable reduction in stress, a feeling of more compassion for myself and others, and a steady improvement in my sleep. I will definitely continue with the mindfulness and meditation practices that I that have learnt and continue to practice and incorporate them into my daily life.

This course is the beginning of my journey to get back in touch with myself, and I intend to return for further courses to improve and continue my practice. In particular the Metta for self meditation really struck a cord with me as it made me realize how hard on myself I am and that compassion is at the heart of everything which is something that I had lost sight of in the stresses of everyday life.

Dan is good at explaining things in laymen’s terms. His relaxed and open approach put me at ease so I could focus in the sessions without feeling judged. It is clear that Dan is passionate about what he does and wants to help people improve their lives by teaching them these mindfulness and meditation practices.


Dan is such a warm and calming human being. He made me feel at ease and very comfortable. He is a great teacher and would love to learn a lot more from him.
The course helped me extremely in my busy life. It brought back the importance that my time and presence is and how important it is to truly stop in our busy lives. I’m sleeping better and much calmer my stress and anxiety that comes with my job role has felt more manageable. Dan is amazing and will definitely continue with him.


Dan made it the most beautiful peaceful and with a lovely bit of humour and cannot praise Dan enough; everyone needs a Dan in their life.

It has changed my way of thinking and now enjoy meditating every day


Dan made it the most beautiful peaceful and with a lovely bit of humour and cannot praise Dan enough; everyone needs a Dan in their life.

It has changed my way of thinking and now enjoy meditating every day


Dan was extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter and other related matters. Dan is very personable and makes you feel you can ask any question to him or in a group without feeling embarrassed. The information was delivered by Dan in a clear and concise manner and definitely from the heart. I cannot think of any weaknesses – Dan is a great teacher!!


It gave me a great insight in to meditation and mindfulness and gave me a great start to build on whilst exploring meditation
He is calm, inspiring, explains his subject well in a way that is easy to follow and encourages self practice with handy hints, tips and tasks to follow at home. He made me feel at ease, motivated and calm


Dan was excellent in providing a range of tools and techniques to be fully present and was very supportive when we discussed challenges we were experiencing with the formal practice. Dan was very welcoming, happy to be approached with questions and was accepting of us in our journey to being able to capture the moment.

Dan was amazing, I couldn’t think of anyway he could support the course attenders more. Dan was happy to provide the meditation solutions on a different platform when I stated I could not access drop box. I would (and already have) recommend this course to anyone wanting to develop their learning and experience in mindfulness.


Dan recently came to conduct a Mindfulness session at a retreat day I organised for pregnant women. His sessions are always so relaxing, uplifting and positive yet informal and fun. Dan is so knowledgable and I know that every single person on the retreat loved his session – I did too!


Dan has taken us through the mindfulness course, it was a very relaxed course and Dan made us all feel at ease, I shall definitely be signing up to more of Dans courses


I am really happy I found Dan, his classes are uplifting and I have learnt so much about mindfulness from him. I would highly recommend him to anybody as he can help you with any issues you are going through and has a passion to make people happy and improve their quality of life. I am looking forward to doing more courses in the future with him.


Dan is just the best teacher! If you’re curious about mindfulness or maybe need some help with calming your mind, finding some space, coming back to yourself or living more compassionately, Dan’s courses are perfect! He is so welcoming, so calming and infinitely wise. He’s helped me so much and I’m extremely grateful 🙂