Mindful Living


Mindful Living – 6 Weeks – £62.80 – A new course to Jersey

Over the 6 weeks we will be covering:
  • Mindfulness and Difficult Emotions
  • Mindful living
  • Mindful Movement
  • Mindful Eating
  • Mindful Connection
  • Self Compassion
  • Meditation

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February 25th, Monday 7:45pm – 9pm for 6 weeks
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Mindful Living – 6 Weeks

Mindful Living is a new course, it will be an exploration of the many differing arms of mindfulness, from eating to self compassion. Mindful Living
The 6 week course is £62.80
Health habits are often all to ignored aspect of our mental well being. This might be because most of us do not realise the dynamic nature of our bodies and brains and how everything we do influences how we feel. But the good news is there is much we can do to promote our mood and psycho-biological resilience to our stress response! This course can be an exploration of some powerful mental health promoters. Mindful Living
(If you would like to attend, but can not afford to pay the cost please email me)
You were born to be loved, to be happy, to be prosperous and to feel great in your own skin!
In the Mindful Living – 6 Weeks Course, Local accredited teacher Dan Ireland helps you understand how you can bring these many areas of Mindfulness to life, and will explore one each week.  Mindful Living
 The habit of mindfulness has a number of life-affirming, positive effects.
> Helps you better cope with stress.
> Improves your overall health and well-being.
> Helps you develop stronger bonds and relationships.
> Make you feel more secure and self-assured.
> Increases overall self-satisfaction.
> Keeps you inspired and increases creativity.
Mindfulness Meditations (formal & informal)
Mindfulness practice helps us to see more clearly the patterns of the mind and teaches us to stay in the present moment, rather than reliving the past or pre-living the future. 
An enhanced understanding mindful moments and why informal practice is so important::
The 3 essentials – Open, Allow, Be
SoulGenic Mind Body Suite, Union Street, St Helier
February 25th, Monday 7:45pm – 9pm for 6 weeks (Course Full thank you)


For more info please email dan@awareful.co.uk or info on him as a teacher check out testimonials by clicking here
Thank you so much

There is nothing more important than previous course attendees:

#Kate Dan was excellent in providing a range of tools and techniques to be fully present and was very supportive when we discussed challenges we were experiencing with the formal practice. Dan was very welcoming, happy to be approached with questions and was accepting of us in our journey to being able to capture the moment.

Dan was amazing, I couldn’t think of anyway he could support the course attenders more. Dan was happy to provide the meditation solutions on a different platform when I stated I could not access drop box. I would (and already have) recommend this course to anyone wanting to develop their learning and experience in mindfulness.

#Jenny It gave me a great insight in to meditation and mindfulness and gave me a great start to build on whilst exploring meditation

He is calm, inspiring, explains his subject well in a way that is easy to follow and encourages self practice with handy hints, tips and tasks to follow at home. He made me feel at ease, motivated and calm

#Amanda – Dan was extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter and other related matters. Dan is very personable and makes you feel you can ask any question to him or in a group without feeling embarrassed. The information was delivered by Dan in a clear and concise manner and definitely from the heart. I cannot think of any weaknesses – Dan is a great teacher!!

#Avril – Dan made it the most beautiful peaceful and with a lovely bit of humour and cannot praise Dan enough; everyone needs a Dan in their life. Meditation Class Jersey

It has changed my way of thinking and now enjoy meditating every day

#Cristina – For me this course was life changing.He is an amazing teacher. I had very specific questions and he was very helpful . It was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend.

#Catia – Dan is such a warm and calming human being. He made me feel at ease and very comfortable. He is a great teacher and would love to learn a lot more from him.

The course helped me extremely in my busy life. It brought back the importance that my time and presence is and how important it is to truly stop in our busy lives. I’m sleeping better and much calmer my stress and anxiety that comes with my job role has felt more manageable. Dan is amazing and will definitely continue with him.

For more info call me on 07797787389 or email dan@awareful.co.uk


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