Foundations in Meditation and Mindfulness with Luke Billings


(suitable for beginners, app users and those returning or revitalising their practise)

Our always popular ‘Foundations in Mindfulness & Meditation’ course is back for one last time in 2021!

Come and experience the relaxing and rejuvenating powers of Mindfulness and Meditation.

Over this course, we’ll be practising a variety of techniques that are proven to combat anxiety, increase mental resilience and range of other benefits that boost overall mental health and wellbeing.

Suitable for both complete beginners and those who want to refresh their practice, this course will help you gain confidence in thinking about building a personal Mediation practice by giving you an understanding of why and how these techniques are so helpful!

 Quakers Meeting Hosue, 71 la Colomberie, St Helier
-Weds Oct 27 – Wednesday, Nov 3. -1800 – 1930 for 5 consecutive weeks
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Foundations in Meditation & Mindfulness with Luke Billings

(suitable for beginners and those returning or revitalising their practise)
Your motives for seeking out mindfulness training could be many; whether to reduce stress and anxiety, increase mental resilience, or improve mood and everyday feelings of happiness + many more… mindfulness is one of the most dramatically effective ways to achieve a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing.
Course Teacher
With Awareful, you have a well attended, flexible mindfulness course at your fingertips, with often up to half of the cost going to support mental health focsued initiatives in Jersey. Last year Awareful gave 135 hours of free sessions to local charities and people that were unable to afford to attend a course/workshop. That means by taking the course, you’re not only making a positive change for yourself, you’re in part helping support others too.
ations in Meditation and Mindfulness

Course Content:

Over the course, each day Luke will be guided sessions of mindfulness meditation, discussion and time for question and answers. Suitable for both complete beginners and those who want to refresh their practice.

Over the 5 weeks you will get an understanding of:

  • Mindfulness – The Four Foundations 
  • Mindfulness Meditations 
  • Meditations for the 21st Century – Sound & SATANAMA Meditation
  • Compassion, Kindness & Using Breath and Body to remain present.
  • Objectlessness (learning just to be)
  • Meditation techniques for busy people
  • Visualisation Meditations

We also look at, as often as possible:

  • The benefits of Mindfulness
  • Incorporating it into your day
  • Development of Self Compassion
  • Acceptance and its place in Mindfulness
  • Hints and Tips I have learnt from my own practise but also through the teachers I have learnt from

As part of the course you will be given links and scripts to continue on the practising at home as well as a group page for weekly hints tips and advice from the teacher. Foundations in Meditation and Mindfulness

We will discuss the week that has gone, what meditations you have used, what worked, and what didn’t.

By the end of the course, you will have tried a wide range of meditations, to start focusing on the ones you find best works for you.

You will be required to do some home practice, so come prepared : ) Foundations in Meditation and Mindfulness


Quaker Hall, St Helier

Time & Date
-Weds Oct 27 – Wednesday, Nov 3. -1800 – 1930 for 5 consecutive weeks  (9 Places Available)
Foundations in Meditation and Mindfulness

For more info call Luke on 07700 809435 or email or

For previous attendees of any of our courses/classes or talks / Teachers / Those working in nursing and care, please contact me before purchasing for a discount. Foundations in Meditation and Mindfulness

If you are booking 2+ people together please use the code: together£5 at checkout for a discount for each person.

Other new attendees

£80 for the 5 weeks


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