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rethinking-stress-workshop, Dan Ireland of Awareful, Jersey

Rethinking stress workshop


“This workshop needs to be for everyone at all levels” – Mandy


Having rolled this workshop out to 1700+ local managers and employess in Jersey, Guernsey and the UK I want to offer it now to anyone who is available.

Workbook included 

New Date – May 4th – 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Early Bird Rate – £35 (Limited Spaces Available)

For further information – dan@awareful.co.uk

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Rethinking Stress Workshop – 4 hours

•What is the stress response?
•How do our bodies respond to stress?
•Stress and life (Yorkes Dotson Curve)
•Looking for the symptoms & better understanding the false activations
•All the science and evidence around Stress and Anxiety
•What we can do with stress that helps build resilience
•Techniques to help minimise our stress response
•Acknowledge & Acceptance – Keys to resilience in change
•Rethink Stress
Accredited Teacher, Dan Ireland will be holding the workshopree Meditation Class Jersey
Concessions are available – please email me
The Pomme D’or
Time & Date
Saturday 4th of May – 12:30pm – 4:30pm  – 13 Places Available
March 9th – Workshop Full Thank you
For more info call me on 07797787389 or email dan@awareful.co.uk



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