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I can appreciate the need to talk about success and growth, profit and expertise… Comm-unity Sometimes, coming together in a different sense, one of inner growth, inner success and self compassion can be just as important but not so often shared. We dont so often hear, “I had depression for the last 12 years and this...
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With an impending talk on this huge topic, spirituality, happiness and the rise of compassion, this term seems to raise many questions; What is spirituality? Am I spiritual? What makes me spiritual? Am I different?… Am I the one….???? Why spirituality, why now….  Like a Star Wars Movie, maybe it was me born with the force...
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STUFF THE NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, 2018 IS TO BE A COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION… ‘be the change you want to see in the world’… When was the last time your New Years resolution was… ‘this year I am going to be more compassionate’? 2018 IS TO BE A COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION I know we always fall back into the...
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Dear World,  A love letter   Today was one of a string of talks or political decisions that have welled me with sadness. A love letter   Today I heard of a human being proud of the gap in skills between young men and women in schools, with women on this occasion being 30% smarter than boys/young...
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Liang Yaoyi
Children dream of being superheroes and saving those in need of help. Eleven-year-old Liang Yaoyi from South China’s Guangdong Province was actually able to make an incredible difference and be a hero for others. He had been fighting brain cancer since he was 9, and surgeries and treatments were not able to eliminate the tumor....
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So, today is the day… #RandomActOfKindnessDay What will you choose to do as your Random Act of Kindess? It doesn’t have to be massive, it can be as small as picking up someone elses rubbish for them, the important thing is to do it with compassion rather than resentment. A Few Quotes of Kindness: “Kindness...
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