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A Positive Therapeutic Approach

Human Givens is aimed at meeting unmet needs and increasing skills that have not yet been realised with various tools and techniques to help continue to support you long after the sessions has finished.

The one thing I loved about the Human Givens Approach was that it didnt go over all the trauma life had caused. It helped me refocus, and the rewind, well this has given me a new lease on life. I went to a CBT practitioner who said I needed at least 16 sessions. It went on for about 30. I only needed 4 sessions of Human Givens and feel like I have my life back… So worth it                            Karen 

Sessions usually last about an hour and a quarter.

The therapist is Lorna Elaine, an accredited practitioner, with 20 years experience working within the Womens Refuge.

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The healthy feeling that life has meaning and purpose comes from being motivated to actively engage with the world. Only when we lose the motivational energy that promotes action does the sense that life is meaningful drain away. Human givens psychotherapy grew out of a desire to find out why this should be so (Griffin & Tyrrell, 2003).

Our innate knowledge motivates us to engage with the world

We all continually experience the effect of this innate knowledge as “needs.” Our physical needs (air, water, food and sleep) are obvious because, if they are not met, we quickly die. But many psychologists and psychotherapists before us, indeed, throughout the ages, have observed that emotional needs are equally crucial for human wellbeing. These include the need for:

  • Security — safe territory in the home and outside where we can live without experiencing excessive fear and anxiety
  • Volition — a sense of autonomy and control over what is happening around and to us
  • Attention — receiving it, but also giving it — an essential nutrition that fuels the development of each individual, family and culture
  • Emotional connection to other people, both individually (friendship, love, intimacy) and in the wider community (respect, status)
  • Privacy — time to reflect and consolidate our experiences
  • A sense of competence and achievement (ensuring we don’t feel low self-esteem)
  • The need for meaning and purpose that comes from being stretched mentally or physically (or both).

When any of these needs are not being met, the evidence supporting the Human Givens approach shows that we fall into mental illnesses like Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.

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