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Storm is a Spiritual Teacher with over 20 years of practical experience.


 Our Story I have been seeking the true meaning of life for 21 years now. I believe I have not only discovered the meaning of life but the tools and information of how to use it.

Having said that let me say that the true meaning of life is your unique creation of it. Each and everyone has a purpose and reason individual to themselves, a manifestation of who they really are…

21 Years of Personal Practice

Eye of the Storm

My name is Storm and I am a spiritual teacher.
I was born in South Africa in 1973. Storm
Having lived through apartheid, its destruction and the election of Nelson Mandela in such a violent and dangerous country, I am firmly grounded in understanding the necessity for peace and unity amongst the people of this earth. Storm
I left South Africa at the age of 21 after having had 2 death experiences and an out of body experience.
These taught me the value of life itself, that there is life after death and that there is a lot more to this experience than simply the material world.
After leaving S.A. I found myself in the UK on a spiritual quest to know more of the unseen world.
I travelled to many sacred sites in UK, Europe as well as Egypt.
I came to understand sacred geometry which is the language of light, form and numbers.
I spent 10 years in Jersey, then 14 years in Spain teaching spirituality, energy transformation (ET), wellbeing and fitness (certified). During this period I wrote many books of which my first book series are now published and available.
I teach meditation, nasal breathing, grounding, spirituality as a way of life and a revelation in understanding your shakra (chakra) system and how to use it to bring yourself health, wellbeing and a path to your own personal ascension.
I returned to Jersey 2 years ago to publish more books and to continue teaching what I have learnt thus far. I now reside in Jersey and I am available to you as a spiritual teacher.

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