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Tri Dosha Flow – is the core flow of Traditional Tantra Yoga. It is a meditative flow, releasing the stress of the every day.

The asanas are an integration of both yin and yang, which will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, present, reconnected and ready to step back into the world and make a difference.

▪ Time: 1pm
▪ Day: 16th of May
▪ Length: 1 hour approx.
▪ All welcome, no experience necessary

To access Sarah’s session please go to:

Meeting ID: 860 5323 2008
Password: 030449


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Sarah Howard – Synthesis Transformation – Tri Dosha Flow – 1 hour session

Incorporating Ayurvedic Medicine within its philosophy, Tri Dosha harmonises and balances the three body types of Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Learned in India, Sarah’s qualification in Traditional Tantric Yoga, draws together her expertise in the integration of body, mind, and energy field. Sarah will skillfully encourage you to somatically experience, release any tension you may be holding and nurture every cell in your body. Sarah Howard – Synthesis Transformation

Tantric yoga is both yin and yang, it aims to balance, harmonise and integrate the polarised, masculine and feminine, parts of ourselves. You will leave this movement meditation practice feeling deeply relaxed, reconnected and ready to step back into relationship with every-day life.

Tantra is not an academic philosophy, but a life practice. Tantrics see the body as an expression of the soul, not just a physical shell. Thus, Sarah offers a unique traditional system of āsanas, prāṇāyāma and bandhas to train the body, mind and subtle energy system (nāḍis). Through tantric āsanas, one not only builds strength and flexibility, but also energy, grace, fluidity and inner harmony. Tantra is a tradition well tested over the last few millennia, its safe and wholesome for humanity. Sarah Howard – Synthesis Transformation

The philosophy of tantra has formed through the collective contribution of civilisation and have influenced generations of great thinkers including Emerson, Schopenhauer, Freud, and Jung. When you follow a tradition, you inherit the expertise of generations of thinkers

  • Time: 1pm
  • Day: Saturday 16th May
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Suitable for all yoga practitioners. If you have any pre-existing physical conditions or injuries, you must consult your doctor before joining this class. Whilst Tri-Dosha flow is suitable for beginners, I do not recommend an online class as your initiation into yoga.
  • Any other specific requirements – yoga mat, strap or long scarf
Free – or donation too our chosen charitys

Who is Sarah?


Sarah holds Tantric philosophy at the core of all her holistic therapy, business and leadership coach qualifications. She brings a unique skill set of logic, enthusiasm and creativity in a collaborative approach that provide the essential elements that support change from the inside out.

  • Training and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, Sarah’s 30 years of commercial experience, has taken her into short, medium and long term planning, where she has developed the ability to support leaders at all levels and develop teams that provide a vision in financial terms and implement change in large and small organisations, both in the public and private sectors. ​
  • Gaining a Cert Ed in adult education, Sarah has two decades of experience as a 16+ teacher. Teaching expanded her emotional intelligence as well as her ability to communicate in a variety of different ways to support understanding and enhance learning.
  • Sarah has applied her Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis, a system of transpersonal psychology, for more than a decade to her own life and her clients at Synthesis Transformation. More recently she has extended her psychology training to a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching, and further specialised in Systemic Coaching. ​
  • Two decades of experience in a variety of complimentary energy practices culminating in Reiki Mastership not only make Sarah a subtle energy expert but also have tuned Sarah’s intuition enabling her to see and understand the softer, more fluid aspects of change.
  • A decade of experience as a Meditation teacher underpinned by two decades of ongoing personal meditation practice, Sarah is able to support her clients to understanding what is really going on at an inner level, which may be impacting outer relationships and change goals.
  • Sarah’s RYS Yoga Alliance qualification in Traditional Tantric Yoga obtained in India and 3 years teaching experience, draw together her expertise in the integration of body, mind, and energy field.

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