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Maria Barnicoat - Chakra Wave in Ecstatic Movement in Jersey

Maria Barnicoat – “Chakra Wave” in Ecstatic Movement


This multi layered and colourful mind, body, spirit movement journey will take us through the 7 major chakra centres of our bodies.

By bringing these parts of our bodies into conscious movement, with delicious music and enticing invitations, we are able to dive deep within to release stuck and stagnant energy and stories that we have inherited and created within our bodies throughout our life journey.

This is not a theoretical enquiry but a deep somatic full body journey.

  • Time: 7pm
  • Day: Sunday
  • Length: 90 mins
  • Everyone

The session will be Live on Zoom – Please click this link to access it:



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Maria Barnicoat – “Chakra Wave” in Ecstatic Movement

 Maria Barnicoat – Chakra Wave in Ecstatic Movement

🌈 1st Chakra “ALL IS ONE” Muladhara/Grounding/Belonging/ Earth: The Root Chakra.  A portal back to where we came from. Acknowledging the past and our ancestral lineage. What belief patterns did you inherit from your family? What traumas did they endure? Which of those belief systems do you acknowledge are no longer serving you? Do you have unfinished business with your family? What blessings came from your family? Shining the light on the frozen grief and energy which is hindering your sense of ground and belonging and connection to mother earth, mother, tribe and birth.

🌈 2nd Chakra “HONOR ONE ANOTHER” Svadisthana/Passion/Creativity/ Fire: The Sacral Chakra. A portal into our need for relationships and our sense of power, money and survival in our physical environment. How often do you direct your creative energies into negative paths of expression? Are you comfortable with your sexuality? Do you keep your word? Are you a controlling person? Shining the light on the frozen grief and energy which is hindering your sense of relating and abundance.

🌈 3rd Chakra “HONOR ONESELF” Manipura/Confidence/Personal Power/ Fire: The Solar Plexus Chakra. A portal into our sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect. Do you like yourself? If not what don’t you like and why? Are you actively working to change the things you don’t like? Are you critical of others? Do you need the approval of others? Are you continually wishing your life was different? Shining the light on the frozen grief and energy which is hindering your sense of relating to yourself with ease and grace.

🌈 4th Chakra “LOVE IS DIVINE POWER” – Anahata/Compassion/Acceptance/Air: The Heart Chakra. A journey into our ability to let go, our ability to forgive and feel inner peace. What emotional memories do you still need to heal? Do you allow yourself to be controlled by the wounds of another person? What steps have you taken or will you take to prevent that from happening again?  Do you associate emotional health with no longer needing an intimate relationship? What have you done that needs forgiving? Who do you have to forgive? Shining the light on the frozen grief and energy which is hindering your sense of love, forgiveness and compassion.

🌈 5th Chakra “SURRENDER TO DIVINE WILL” – Vishuddha/Deliverance/Authenticity/ Ether: The Throat Chakra.  A journey through the maturation of the willpower to true inner authority. What is your definition of being strong willed? Who has control over your willpower and why? Are you able to sense when you are receiving guidance to act upon? What fears do you have associated with divine guidance? Do you trust guidance that has no proof of outcome? Shining the light on the frozen grief and energy which is hindering your sense of aligning your path and choices with divine will.

🌈 6th Chakra “SEEK ONLY THE TRUTH – The Power of the Mind ” – Ajna/Intuition/Foresight/ Ether: The Third Eye Chakra. A journey into our mental body, our sense of symbolic sight and psychological characteristics. Are you judgmental? What people or situations bring that out in you? What attitudes do you have that disempower you? What beliefs do you have that cause you to interpret the actions of others in a negative way? Shining the light on the frozen grief and energy which are hindering your sense of truth and beliefs.

🌈 7th Chakra “LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT – Transcendence” Sahasrara/Unity/Divine Intelligence/ Ether: The Crown Chakra. A journey into our connection to life force energy, inspirational and prophetic thoughts, transcendent ideas and mystical connections.  What spiritual truths are you aware of that you do not live by? Are you devoted to a spiritual path?  What prevents you from continuing desired spiritual practices? Are you afraid of a closer spiritual connection to the divine because of the changes it might trigger in your life? Shining the light on the frozen grief and energy which is hindering your sense of spirituality.

Maria is excited to offer this session as part of the #unitedwellbeing weekend in Jersey on 16th/17th May.

This session will take place on 17th May at 7pm.

Following this feast for the soul through all the chakras, we will begin an intensive 8 week journey the following Sunday 24th May at 6:30pm. More Here

About Maria

After a lifetime of learning about healing and the mysteries of the body, heart, soul and spirit since she was a child, Maria began a journey of discovering the power of true transformation and embodied healing through conscious dance practices in 2009. That year, Maria launched the first ecstatic dance classes in Jersey “Bare Feet Ecstatic Dance”. More Here

For more information, please email her at mariaearthbeauty@gmail.com

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