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Lorna, one of the wonderful team at Awareful, will be offering a series of short pre-recorded workshops starting at 6pm;

▪ Time: 6pm (Putting worry in it’s  place), 6:30pm (Becoming a more confident you), 7pm (How to sleep better )
▪ Day: 16th of May
▪ Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes approx.
▪ All welcome, no experience necessary

The session will be pre-recorded

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Lorna Elaine – Awareful – A series of short workshops

Putting worry in it’s  place

6pm LECRO – a simple tool to deal with your worries Lorna Elaine – Awareful

6.10pm A ten minute Yoga session to release worries

6.20pm Guided meditation for letting go

Becoming a more confident you

6.30pm Enhance your confidence with these simple tools Lorna Elaine – Awareful

6.40pm Yoga for feeling strong and  confident

6.50pm Guided meditation for Rehearing Success with confidence

How to sleep better

7pm  A ten minute talk on Why we sleep and what to do when you can?t

7.10pm Ten minute bedtime yoga session

7.20pm Guided meditation to drift off to sleep


Who is Lorna?

My name is Lorna and I am part of the team at Awareful. 

I have a passion for learning new things and helping people feel better faster. This stems from having a natural compassionate nature and over 20 years work experience working in the field of domestic abuse. I was recognized for my work and awarded Angel of the Year at the Pride of Jersey awards.I have supported people in crisis with a range of mental health issues ranging from stress and depression to panic attacks and trauma. I am a qualified Human Given?s psychotherapist who uses outcomes measures and fast effective researched methods to provide relief as quickly as possible. By taking care of both physical and emotional needs and understanding the mind body connection you can improve your mental wellbeing rapidly. I am passionate about yoga and practice daily and also provide massage therapies.

Some of my qualifications include:

  • Psychotherapist
  • NLP practitioner
  • Domestic Abuse Prevention Advocate
  • Independent Sexual Violence Adviser
  • Drug and Alcohol counseling
  • Mental Health
  • Teaching Adult learners
  • Swedish Body massage
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Hot Yoga
  • Trapeze Yoga
  • Children?s Yoga

For more information, please email her at lorna@awareful.co.uk

Thank you


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